Slickwraps 60% Off Sale This Weekend!

Slickwraps 60% Off Sale

I saved off an article to my Pocket account a few weeks ago and just happened to read it today. It was about a company called Slickwraps that makes “skins” you can stick directly to your electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops) or their cases and add some protection and a lot of class. I’ve got a 12.0” iPad Pro with a SmartKeyboard case and I love it, but the case is just not all that pretty and attracts a lot of grime.


So today as I reading my saved article about Slickwraps I noticed two things…they are running a 60% off sale this weekend (ends Monday March 18th) and they are based out of Wichita, Kansas (my hometown). So I just spent the last hour totally geeking out my iPad Pro SmartKeyboard case with Ready Player One artwork from The Art of Ready Player One book (I took photos with my iPhone of artwork from the book, cropped and edited the photos and used them for custom decorate a skin for my iPad Pro SmartKeyboard case).

Slickwraps art.png

So if you want to customize one of your devices, check out Slickwraps this weekend while they are still running their 60% off sale!

The Future of Automation and Jobs

I generally stay far far away from politics on this site, but in this case this interview on Fox News with 2020 democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is definitely worth a watch. Automation and how it impacts our ecomony and our workforce should be a huge issue and I'm glad to see it being discussed. This is a very short interview and it stays out of normal political trappings you tend to get these days so its a good interview to watch...

See the interview over at Fox News...

iPhone SE Was Available But No More

I came home from working over at our old house (trying to get it ready to go on the market) and I saw the news come across my feed...Apple was selling the iPhone SE on their clearance page online. I immediately told my wife who then dropped what she was doing and ran upstairs to get on the computer so she could purchase an iPhone SE. Her iPhone SE recently went out of warranty and it had been acting squirrelly for weeks. So she ordered her a new iPhone SE from Apple since this is the ONLY iPhone that actually fit in women’s pants pockets.

It was pretty late last night when we got home and after eating dinner I just didn’t have the energy to write up a blog post about the iPhone SE availability. So I get up this morning only to find out that Apple has already sold out of the iPhone SE in their clearance section online. Literally hours after making them available and they are already sold out. Now we don’t know how many iPhone SEs Apple made available and actually sold, but this should be a clear message to Apple that there is still a strong demand for smart phones that are smaller than a tablet. Hopefully this was an experiment to test the waters and Apple will release an updated version of the iPhone SE soon...

Don’t Buy the 4th Generation iPad

2018-12-01 - 4th gen iPad 2.jpg

For some reason I have been seeing a lot of “deals” out on the internet for a very cheap (less than $75) for a “brand new” iPad (4th generation). We even had this as a deal on GeekDad (one of the daily deals we run on a regular basis) until I saw it and had our editors pull it from the site.

So here is a little history on the 4th Generation iPad. This iPad was originally released in November of 2012 (6 years ago) and was touted as the iPad with a Retina display. Don’t get me wrong, this was a great iPad at the time. But fast forward 6-years later and this iPad is grossly under-powered, barely has enough storage for just the operating system (much less any movies) and is not capable of running the last two most recent operating systems (iOS 11 and iOS 12) can only run iOS 10 or earlier.

This was actually my wife’s iPad until just a few weeks ago. She didn’t realize she was 2 operating systems behind, otherwise she would have upgraded to a newer iPad sooner. Why? There are a lot of security enhancements in each new version of iOS and once you start getting a few behind Apple stops making security updates. So if you use it to browse the web you are vulnerable. The other issue for my wife was storage. The base model of this iPad (which is what she had and is what most of these internet deals are for) had only 16 Gb of storage. After you load the operating system it only leaves you a few Gb of data storage left which isn’t even enough to download and watch a movie.

Most people who are tech savvy know not to purchase this iPad, but not everyone pays attention to the details when it comes to an iPad. Most of the time you are pretty safe when you buy an iPad (even an iPad that is 2 or 3 years old) but in this case this 4th generation iPad is just too old. Don’t waste your money and warn any friends or family members that might see this deal.

The 1WaySwim 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

samuel-holt-490207-unsplash 2.jpg

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday and everything in between right on our doorsteps I thought it was time to toss out a few geeky and unique gift ideas.

2018-06-10-Bolt-Backpack-coffee 2.jpg

The Bolt Backpack from Waterfield

I did a full review of this on GeekDad a while back and it is now my daily carry for work. It holds all my work and personal related computing and tech gear as well as all my gear for the gym...all in a single professional looking backpack. When WaterField sent me this backpack to review I was out of town and my wife opened the package when it arrived. I almost didn’t get it back to use and review when I got home (she really liked it). I’m a big fan of carrying around a highly functional and nice looking bag so this is one of my favorites. Check out the Waterfield Bolt backpack and I'm pretty sure it will end up being your favorite bag too.

2017-12-26-waterfield-pouch-main-image 2.jpeg

The Nintendo Switch Pouch from Waterfield

This is another WaterField product I reviewed a while back on GeekDad. If you have someone in your life that has a Nintendo Switch this is a great compact padded case to use with your Switch so you can safely take it with you on the go.

2018-09-30-Coravin-packaged-2 2.png

Coravin Wine Preservation System

If you are a wine lover then this is definitely a gadget you should consider. It is a bit pricy, but if drink high quality wine on a regular basis I personally think this device is worth every penny. The Coravin Wine Preservation System allows you to pour a glass or two of wine from a wine bottle without corking the wine. So you can drink a glass out of a bottle and then store that bottle for years and then have another glass. I did a full review of the Coravin on GeekDad earlier this year but the system I reviewed was their high-end model geared for restaurants (a little bit out of the consumer’s price range). But for the next several days Coravin has several of their cheaper models up to 50% off on their website so check out their sale this weekend.

2017-01-10-1password-first-image 2.jpeg

1Password Subscription

This is a MUST have. If you or any of your friends or family is not already using some kind of secure method to store and manage their passwords then a 1Password subscription is an excellent gift idea. I have been using 1Password with my entire family for years and if you want to keep your accounts and sensitive data safe it is the best option out there. I wrote a full review of the service not too long ago on GeekDad. 1Password is also running a Thanksgiving special right now in that if you subscribe to 1Password you can gift 1-year of subscription to a friend or family member.

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