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Vincent Award #63: Christoph Strasser

This week's Vincent Award goes to Christoph Strasser. Cycling is on my radar right now because I am getting ready to ride on my 3rd Bike Across Kansas (BAK) event, a 500-mile bike ride across Kansas. Christoph Strasse did this milage (556.8 miles to be exact) all in one day and broke an 11-year record for the most miles ridden in a 24-hour time period. Christoph rode his record-breaking ride across farmland in south Berlin and broke the previous record of 521 miles.

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Vincent Award #62: Lauren Hill

This week's Vincent Award goes to Lauren Hill. Despite being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer she decided to keep playing for the Mount St. Joseph basketball team as a freshman. She scored two points in the first quarter of her first game before being relived despite being severely drained of energy from her fight against cancer.

Hill set a goal of $2.2 million for research and treatment of the type of cancer she developed more than a year ago, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). Hill fundraised for The Cure Starts Now. According to The Cure Starts Now’s Facebook page, Hill’s efforts raised more than $1.4 million for DIPG research.

Lauren's coach says that she has made a bigger impact on the world then he will ever be able to do. Lauren is getting this award for her extreme bravery for facing cancer head on and instead of just fighting her cancer she chose to continue basketball all while fighting against ALL cancer. She really is an inspiration to us all.

Lauren died early this morning.

We need more Lauren's in the world an a lot less cancer. Because of her contribution that may yet come to pass.

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ESPN also covered the story.

Vincent Award #61: Louis Jordan

This week's Vincent Award goes to Louis Jordan. Louis didn't set out to do something difficult, he just decided to go out on his boat to do a little fishing. But after being gone a few days his family started to worry and notified authorities.

Jordan had been living on his docked sailboat at the Bucksport Plantation Marina in Conway, S.C., until January, when he told his family he was "going into the open water to sail and do some fishing," said his mother, Norma Davis, of Jacksonville, N.C. The family had not heard from him since, she said.

Because Louis Jordan did not have experience sailing in the open ocean he did not file a float plan which made a search a rescue nearly impossible. After 10 days the search was abononded. Louis Jordan survived alone on his sailboat for 66 days with nothing but rainwater and fish to sustan him. He was rescued yesterday and is being treated for dehydration and an injured shoulder. 66 days...increadible! Glad to see that Louis Jordan is back safe.

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Vincent Award #60: Bill Bell

This week's Vincent Award goes to Bill Bell. Mr. Bell is 92-years old and is still actively competing in triathlons.

Since he started racing competitively in 1982, Bell has completed more than 300 triathlons, including 19 Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, considered the holy grail of triathlons.

In April Bill Bell is being inducted into the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame. Considering he didn't enter his first competition (a marathon) until he was 36, I would say he has had a pretty amazing career as an athlete. 300 triathlons!!!

Congrats Bill Bell, you inspire us all...

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Vincent Award #59: Dave Moretta

This week's Vincent Award goes to Dave Moretta. David Moretta is an ex-British soldier and is now a sponsored ultra marathon runner who is about to attempt his longest run yet...350 miles non-stop in Iceland this July:

Twenty-eight-year-old Dave, from Ribchester, estimates he will have to run non-stop for four days and four nights to break the record. “It is going to be extremely tough, but I am going to give it the best shot I can. It is the hardest thing I will have done to date,”

Running these extreme distances takes more than just physical training, it requires an incredible amount of determination and mental stamina. Well Done David and good luck this summer!

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