What Will Artificial Intelligence Do to Our Economy


I ran across a rather interesting article this past week about a comment Warren Buffett made when asked about the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) would have on jobs and the economy:

"I would certainly think [AI] would result in significantly less employment in certain areas," he said. "It would be a good thing that would require enormous transformation in how people relate to each other, what they expect of government, all kinds of things."

There is a lot of politics when it comes to jobs, job creation, job retention. The concept of something, anything, coming into our world and changing our job culture frightens most people. But it shouldn't. Our jobs shouldn't define who we are, rather we should be able to choose a life of work/activities that fulfill us. Star Trek is one of my favorite tv shows of all time and in the Star Trek future there is not need for money/currency and the concept of a job as something that is required to provide life's necessities is a thing of the past.

So this got me thinking...in the Star Trek universe how did they evolve into that future? Did they just all wake up one day and not need money any more? Did they go from having to work 40-hour work weeks one week to getting to pursue anything they desired the next? No. It had to evolve. People, economies and societies don't simply change overnight. So does AI have the potential to change everything? Yes it does, but we have that same potential. The real promise of AI is that it enables us to spend our time in more meaningful ways so that we can create the future we want. But between now and then it is going to disrupt things, so hang on...

Quickly Changing Music Source on Apple Watch


I often go for a run with just my Apple Watch and use Bluetooth headphones. The default on Apple Watch is for music to be played from your iPhone. But if you are going for a run without your iPhone and want music you need to play that music with your Apple Watch being the source. Up until recently I would have to force touch the Apple Watch screen and that would bring up the option to change sources. I'm not sure if my slower series zero Apple Watch is just sluggish or if I'm ham-fisted but more often than not my attempt to force touch would instead result in selecting something on the screen instead. But the other day I stumbled on to a more elegant option...

 Select the music app on your Apple Watch and navigate to the top menu

Select the music app on your Apple Watch and navigate to the top menu

 Then swipe down from the top of the screen and it reveals the option to select the music source. Pretty much impossible to screw up...

Then swipe down from the top of the screen and it reveals the option to select the music source. Pretty much impossible to screw up...

Destination Jupiter


The Juno mission was launched on Aug 5, 2011 and settled into orbit around Jupiter just this last summer on July 5, 2016. Then in February of this year NASA announced that Juno would not enter into a lower (closer) orbit of Jupiter as planned due to a concern with the spacecraft's main engine. The good news is that this decision was made to protect the mission and the impact to mission science objectives was minimal to zero. Since then Juno has been busy snapping pictures and learning a lot about our nearest gas giant neighbor.

Great, so we have a pretty amazing piece of technology orbiting Jupiter. Why are we doing this? It can be hard to boil down the science in such a way that the general public can fully understand, but in the case of Juno NASA has done just that...in the form of a free iBook from Apple called Destination Jupiter. The book does a great job of explaining the origins of the mission, the science we are tying to answer by going there and telling the story of how the mission came to be. This entire narrative is told along side some amazing graphics and photos in a way that makes you feel like you were right there with the team all those years during the mission development, launch and cruise phase all the way to Jupiter (you know, without having to endure the painfully cold vacuum of space).


But wait, there's more! Not only was there a book written but the Juno mission has inspired a lot of artists to create music to commemorate the mission, like Trent Reznor and Brad Paisley. Apple is currently running a promotional banner in the iTunes Music Store that features all of the music inspired by the Juno mission in a single place (see the image below). So go check out the iTunes Store and the Destination Jupiter banner and get a little bit of art to go with your science!


Free Comic Book Day

The following is a guest post from my daughter Erica Owens...

Free comic book day is tomorrow and that’s extremely exciting. I’ve personally never been to this before. I buy comic books once a week at Viera Comics in Florida.

 My favorite place for comics!

My favorite place for comics!

The atmosphere at Viera Comics is inviting and friendly. Getting free comic books sounds pretty great. There are comic stores everywhere in the country, find your local store and take your family or friends.

I talked to the owner of Viera Comics, Peter. He told me about the events going on tomorrow at his store. Obviously there are going to be free comics available, 10 per family. They are special editions for this day only. They cost the store 20-35 cents a book. So, while you are there, buy something to support your local comic shop and to say thank you for hosting this event. There will also be other things happening within the shop. Peter has, Kyoki Cubed, an artist coming in to do sketches for the guests. Cosplayers will be in costume to take pictures with, and characters from Make ‘Em Laugh Films. There will be a raffle for prizes. For every $10 you spend, you get one entry into the raffle (which could be for something like a CGC comic or a statue, however, he is still firming up the details of the raffle).

This event brings the community together to read and celebrate comic books. Take your friends and family and go experience the life of comic books. You don’t have to be an avid comic book reader, everyone is welcome, there is a series for everyone. Happy Free Comic Book Day!

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