Boldly Go With the ‘Star Trek: TNG’ 30th Anniversary Communicator Badge


The Star Trek TV series was all about living in the distant future and as a kid I was always looking up at the stars and dreaming about that future. So what Star Trek fan wouldn’t want to wear a bit of that future on their chest?

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With iOS 11.3, Apple will automatically send your location to emergency services

This is huge. Check out the linked article below from The Verge. This is how technology should be working for us rather than against us like so many companies and advertisers are doing these days...

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Apple’s iPhone Battery Replacement Program


I’m sure all of you have heard by know that Apple is offering reduced iPhone battery replacements for iPhones that are an iPhone 6 or newer:

  • iPhone 6/6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6s/6s Plus
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • Even the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X (but only if the battery is truly degraded)

It is normally $79 to have an iPhone battery replaced out of warranty and now Apple is doing it for only $29. If you are someone that holds on to iPhone for 2 or more years before upgrading then I highly suggest you take advantage of this limited time program. Apple is offering these $29 iPhone battery replacements through the end of calendar year 2018. Right now there is a pretty large rush on these batteries, which means there is a wait. So don’t expect to just walk into an Apple Store and have them be able to replace your battery. In fact, I have some personal experience with this...

My Dad, sister and I were in Vegas this past week (I was there for CES). My Dad was passing down his iPhone 6 to my sister (since he recently got the iPhone X). Let’s just say he uses his iPhone a lot, so his iPhone 6 battery was pretty much shot. So he wanted to get the battery replaced before handing it down. My Dad doesn’t have any Apple Store anywhere near where he lives (the closest one is over 3 hours away) so he figured he would take advantage of being near an Apple Store while in Vegas and get the battery replaced. He made an appointment with Apple specifically for a battery replacement a couple of weeks in advance. But when we got to the Apple Store we got a couple of surprises. First, Apple did a diagnostics on the iPhone. Maybe I missed it, but everything I read early on about this battery replacement program was that Apple was replacing the battery irregardless of whether the battery was showing a degradation in performance. Turns out that is not the case. Not a problem, the diagnostics showed his battery was shot. The problem was that Apple didn’t have any batteries in stock and it would take a few weeks before they could get one in. Well, we weren’t going to be in Vegas for several weeks and my Dad doesn’t live close to another Apple Store so that wasn’t going to work. But then Apple did what they normally do...they went above and beyond. They went ahead and replaced the entire phone for the cost of the $29 battery replacement.

I am sharing this experience because I’m sure there a lot of you out there that are also thinking of taking advantage of this battery replacement deal. If so, just be aware that making an appointment is just step 1. You have to go in and have a diagnostics run on your iPhone and then once it is determined that your battery is in need of a replacement you will need to wait for a battery to become available. This is also the case if you take your iPhone in to a Apple Authorized repair center. One of my co-workers had the same experience at a local place here in Melbourne, Florida (their online appointment made it sound like the appointment was for the battery replacement instead of it being just the diagnostic test). So be prepared to wait in line for a battery. Although, some smaller repair centers actually have batteries in stock so you might just get lucky.

Also, if you aren’t having battery issues right now I suggest you wait until later this year. Get the most time out of your new battery and avoid the current rush on these cheap battery replacements. Make yourself a calendar reminder for Oct or Nov of this year to get your iPhone in for a battery replacement. iPhone batteries will last about 2-3 years on average, so waiting until later this year means your iPhone battery life will be extended out 3-4 years from today.

This FBI Special Agent in Charge Says: 'We Heart Apple'

An interesting article from The Mac Observer on what Apple does to help law enforcement. Imagine that, the general media only gives us one side of the story...

”This isn’t to say that Apple is doing what it can’t: break into encrypted devices. Instead, Apple is training FBI agents on the things they can do with Apple devices. For instance, Apple reached out to the FBI to help with a Texas mass murderer’s iPhone. In the end, however, the FBI folks in charge of that investigation never responded, but did whine to the press about not being able to get into the shooter’s device.”

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GeekDad Highlights From Day 4 of CES 2018


My last day of CES was a little less populated and chaotic as the previous three days but still very interesting. Three highlights of the day include two items that can help make you safer on the roads and one that brings a whole new dimension to the e-reader market. Read the full story over at

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