Freedom to Listen – Trekz Air Bone Conduction Headphones

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With so many types of headphones on the market, it can be hard to choose the “right” headphones. Bone conduction headphones are not the best choice for all situations from a sound quality perspective, but they do allow you do take your music with you without having to sacrifice your situational awareness. If you need to hear things around you, bone conduction headphones are the way to go.

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The iPods Of 'Baby Driver'

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With the movie 'Baby Driver' Edgar Wright chose to use an already vintage but iconic music player as a recurring and central item in the film and give us Apple geeks something to talk about. So untangle those knotted white earbuds you have stuffed in a drawer somewhere, plug them into your favorite playlist and hang on for a geeky trip through the iPods of Baby Driver.

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12,800 Years Ago, Earth Was Struck by a Disintegrating Comet, Setting Off Global Firestorms

This is yet another example of how little we understand about the history of our planet. You would think that something this devastating would leave more permanent impacts on our planet, but yet we are just now discovering it. We still have so much to learn...

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iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Connection Issues

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I’ve had an on again off again issue with my iPad Pro Smart Keyboard not wanting to stay connected. Sometimes it will just disconnect and the on-screen keyboard will pop up and then at other times I will get a pop up message saying “This accessory is not supported by this device.” At first I would only have keyboard connection problems every once in a while (maybe once a month) and then it started happening once a week and eventually multiple times a day. At first I could just disconnect the keyboard from the smart connector and re-connect it and it would solve the problem. But as the frequency of the issue increased this no longer worked. So it was time to get to the bottom of the problem.

I did a little digging and one of the most common fixes is to clean the smart connectors on both the iPad and the Smart Keyboard, but in my case that didn’t help.

Pictured above are to two places where cleaning the contacts to the keyboard can help (at least in some cases)

Pictured above are to two places where cleaning the contacts to the keyboard can help (at least in some cases)

After a little more digging I found out that Apple had issued an internal memo that acknowledged the problem and extended the warranty by 1-year. So I took a trip to the Apple Store. I explained what the issue was and the Apple Store Genius didn’t even want to see the problem in action, he just started the process of getting me a new Smart Keyboard. The hardest problem about getting the Keyboard replaced was waiting on the Genius to extract the serial number off of the keyboard. The serial number is printed on the Smart Keyboard but it is on the felt surface which makes it pretty much impossible to read. So they have to do a diagnostic on the iPad to get the diagnostics report to spit out the serial number of the attached keyboard.

Bottom line, if you are having connection issues with your iPad Pro Smart Keyboard go into an Apple Store or give Apple Support a call. It’s a known issue and you should be taken care of.

For the First Time, Planets Have Been Discovered in ANOTHER Galaxy!

Up until this point all exo-planet discoveries have been of planets within our own galaxy. Now we have detected a planet orbiting a star in another galaxy. The fact that it exists should be no surprise but what it truly amazing is our technical ability to detect it. We are truly living in the future! Check out the linked article below for all the details...

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