RoWrite Smart Writing Pad: Old-Fashioned Writing Wrapped In Technology


Writing and drawing has changed drastically over the last several years with rise of the digital tablet. But as with most technology you often lose something while gaining new capability. With the RoWrite Smart Writing Pad you get the best of analog writing/drawing while still taking advantage of digital technology.

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BOSEbuild Headphones: Build, Learn and Enjoy


Good headphones can be difficult to find but really high quality headphones for kids are even more rare. BOSEbuild has shattered the myth that high quality audio equipment, educational materials and kid’s products can’t be one and the same thing.

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Using a Cellular Apple Watch as Your Kid’s Cell Phone

2018-07-18 - Apple Watch featured.jpg

If you have a need to always be in contact with your child, you aren’t crazy about them carrying around a smart phone just yet, and don’t mind spending a bit of extra money and effort, then giving your child a cellular enabled Apple Watch is certainly an option you should think about.

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