Zendure Passport Travel Adapter: Travel With Power

2018-10-08 - Zendure Passport Featured Image.jpg

International travel can be fun, but figuring out how to keep all of your electronics powered can be a real pain. The Zendure Passport Travel Adapter has you covered for just about anywhere you want to travel, all in a single device (no attachments or adapters needed).

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Coravin Model Eleven: Finally Wine By the Glass

2018-09-30 - Coravin featured 2.jpg

Maybe opening a bottle of wine and feeling like you need to finish the whole bottle isn’t something you consider a problem… but wine can be quite expensive, so why not enjoy it slowly? The Coravin Model Eleven Wine Preservation System allows you to do just that.

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DataTraveler Bolt Duo: Flash Storage For iOS

2018-09-22 - DataTraveler Featured 2.jpg

Taking photos and videos with your iPhone has become the new norm, but extra storage on iOS devices is still pretty expensive. The DataTraveler Bolt Duo is a travel-sized flash drive for your personal photos and videos that works with iOS and connects via the lightning port on your iPhone or iPad.

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