iPhone SE Was Available But No More

I came home from working over at our old house (trying to get it ready to go on the market) and I saw the news come across my feed...Apple was selling the iPhone SE on their clearance page online. I immediately told my wife who then dropped what she was doing and ran upstairs to get on the computer so she could purchase an iPhone SE. Her iPhone SE recently went out of warranty and it had been acting squirrelly for weeks. So she ordered her a new iPhone SE from Apple since this is the ONLY iPhone that actually fit in women’s pants pockets.

It was pretty late last night when we got home and after eating dinner I just didn’t have the energy to write up a blog post about the iPhone SE availability. So I get up this morning only to find out that Apple has already sold out of the iPhone SE in their clearance section online. Literally hours after making them available and they are already sold out. Now we don’t know how many iPhone SEs Apple made available and actually sold, but this should be a clear message to Apple that there is still a strong demand for smart phones that are smaller than a tablet. Hopefully this was an experiment to test the waters and Apple will release an updated version of the iPhone SE soon...

Vincent Award #71: Sgt. Trey Troney

Image from Twitter

Image from Twitter

This week's Vincent Award goes to Sgt. Trey Troney who was driving along the interstate in Texas on his way to visit family for Christmas when we witnessed a car accident. He pulled over and went to that car that had just crashed and found the dirver of the vehicle unresponsive and slumped over the steering wheel. After two other motorists helped to pry open the doo, Trey used his New Orleans Saints hoodie to stop the driver's head from bleeding but then noticed that the driver's left lung was not expanding and contracting. The driver had a collapsed lung. Trey found a ballpoint pen and used it to puncture the driver's left lung and releive the pressure. Paramedics arrived and took the driver to a hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.

We hear about a lot of angry and not so nice people out there and we see them all the time out driving on the roads. But deep down we all also know that there are just as many (in fact many, many more) kind-hearted souls out there on the road with us as well. Sgt. Trey Troney is a reminder that kind strangers are out there ready to help when needed. Thank you Trey.

Be sure to read the full story over at the Good News Network...

This Crazy Steam-Powered Probe Could Pretty Much Explore Space Forever

Steam punk space exploration...gotta love it!

Check out the Science Alert article link below to read more about it...

Linked Article: https://www.sciencealert.com/this-crazy-steam-powered-probe-could-pretty-much-explore-space-forever?utm_campaign=AppleNews&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=AppleNews

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