Slickwraps 60% Off Sale This Weekend!

Slickwraps 60% Off Sale

I saved off an article to my Pocket account a few weeks ago and just happened to read it today. It was about a company called Slickwraps that makes “skins” you can stick directly to your electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops) or their cases and add some protection and a lot of class. I’ve got a 12.0” iPad Pro with a SmartKeyboard case and I love it, but the case is just not all that pretty and attracts a lot of grime.


So today as I reading my saved article about Slickwraps I noticed two things…they are running a 60% off sale this weekend (ends Monday March 18th) and they are based out of Wichita, Kansas (my hometown). So I just spent the last hour totally geeking out my iPad Pro SmartKeyboard case with Ready Player One artwork from The Art of Ready Player One book (I took photos with my iPhone of artwork from the book, cropped and edited the photos and used them for custom decorate a skin for my iPad Pro SmartKeyboard case).

Slickwraps art.png

So if you want to customize one of your devices, check out Slickwraps this weekend while they are still running their 60% off sale!

The Future of Automation and Jobs

I generally stay far far away from politics on this site, but in this case this interview on Fox News with 2020 democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is definitely worth a watch. Automation and how it impacts our ecomony and our workforce should be a huge issue and I'm glad to see it being discussed. This is a very short interview and it stays out of normal political trappings you tend to get these days so its a good interview to watch...

See the interview over at Fox News...

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