Snow Patrol - Life On Earth

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I'm a big Snow Patrol fan and they recently put out a new music video called "Life On Earth." If you a fan of space then this music video is not to be missed. It features some (European Space Agency) ESA testing facilities in the video, which is pretty cool since I have actually visited several. Can't wait for their new album to come out next month!

iFit: A Fitness Program Even Geeks Will Love

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Living a geeky lifestyle isn’t well known for going hand-in-hand with also being a fitness nut, but that doesn’t mean the two can’t go together. Recently I was approached by the folks at iFit to check out their subscription service, smartphone application and fitness tracker device combination and the results of my trial run of the iFit program is below.

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The Video Games of ‘Ready Player One’

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What follows is a list of the video games of 'Ready Player One' (the novel). For seven of the games I go into more depth by giving a little bit of background about the game, the tie-in with novel and movie and some information on where you can play these games today.

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How Popular Science covered '2001: A Space Odyssey' in 1968

It is fascinating to look back at how we compared science fiction to the future, especially back when computers were just barely getting started. Extrapolate from our Star Trek movies and TV shows today to where we think we will be in 50 years and you can start to see the potential we have...

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Fingbox: Family Wireless Network Security

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As the IT administrator for my house, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to better secure the technology my family uses and even more importantly make my life a little bit easier. So when I came across Fingbox at CES this past January in Las Vegas, I knew I needed to give it a go at my house.

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