Going Old School with an iPod

My Swiss Army Knife of digital devices was released to the public in June of 2007 and all of the sudden there was no real need for me to carry an iPod anymore. I had my iPhone and it essentially replaced my old cell phone, iPod and Palm Pilot (when I write Palm Pilot it's like I just admitted to once writing on stone tablets). Anyway, my new modern marvel had greatly reduced the numbers of devices I had to carry. So why, after all these years, did I just ask for and receive for my birthday the 1st iPod I've owned since the 3rd generation click-wheel? I'll explain...

I've been using an iPod shuffle (no I don't count that as a REAL iPod, maybe a partial iPod) as my gym music player, but I really hate dealing with the headphone wires while running and working out. I also listen to podcasts on my 45-minute 1-way commutes to work everyday, and that is taken care of with my iPhone. Except, ever since my old iPhone 4 started showing its age I started getting dangerously close to running out of battery. There was another problem using my iPhone as a podcast player in the car...my iPhone needs to be protected with a pass code (have to protect work data). So I often have to unlock the phone while driving (sadly may car is 1 year too old to have iPod controls built-in), and while that might not seem as unsafe as texting while driving it was not something I wanted to keep doing. Then there is this incredibly handy tool called Siri that have with my iPhone 5. If I remember I need to add something to my tasks list I can do it using Siri safely (press and hold the home button and talk, never having to take my eyes off the road). But, since I have to use the headphone port on my iPhone to pipe my podcasts into my car stereo my iPhone doesn't work for taking audio Siri commands. And finally, there is the issue of sweat. Yes, I said sweat. I spend a lot of time on the indoor bike trainer at the gym cycling to video workouts on my iPhone. The iPhone rides on the handlebars while I watch/listen to Graham Street from the Cyclo-Core training system kick my a** on the indoor trainer. That results in a lot of sweat, which is not good on my brand new iPhone 5. 

So the solution was simple. Buy a separate music player and use it only for the gym and listening to podcasts in the car. I got a pair of JayBird Freedom Bluetooth headphones and use them with the new iPod Nano (7th generation) in the gym and am finally free from all the wires. I can now also use the Nano to watch (but mainly listen to) my cycling training videos while on the indoor trainer. The new Nano screen is really small, but its plenty big enough to watch cycling videos. Plus, I'd much rather sweat on a $150 iPod than an $800 iPhone! Now in the car ride to and from work I don't have to enter a pass code to change podcasts, my iPhone battery is saved and I can actually use Siri in the car if I need to.

So after 5 years of enjoying an all-in-one digital device I have broken down and gone "old school", and started using an iPod on a daily basis and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes having multiple devices for things really is the right way to go.

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