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A Very Cloudy Venus Transit

I've been extremely busy since the transit of Venus event and forgot to post all my breathtaking photos of the transit! Truth be told, I didn't take that many photos because if you've seen one cloud you've seen them all. It was a pretty spot though at the Viera Wetlands with a nice clear view of the cloudy horizon. At least there were lots of critters around to keep us entertained while we hoped and prayed for a break in the clouds!

This first picture was taken outside my house before I left for the wetlands. The Sun was peeking out just enough that I thought I might have a slim chance of viewing the transit later that night.

So I packed all the gear in the car and headed out, but as the next few pictures show there wasn't much up the in the sky to see. I guess I could complain about how I missed the last chance I had in my lifetime to view this event with my own eyes, but I choose to look at it as an uplanned opportunity to take in a little bit of the other types of nature down here on Earth. My family and I enjoyed the wildlife until near dark, grabbed some pizza and went home to watch the event on the internet. You have to make the most out of what life dishes out at you!



Today's Leap Second

Venus Transit Scope Setup

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