iPhone5 and my email problem

So my beautiful new white iPhone5 32 GB showed up via UPS yesterday. I'm going to hold off writing any kind of review until I've had more time with it but I'm my initial thoughts are:

  • Extremely light weight
  • Lightning fast
  • Amazing craftsmanship

Now for my email problem. This really has nothing to do with the iPhone5 but I decided to take this problem into my own hands when I populated my new iPhone screen with apps. After alI, I had the wonderful problem of an extra row I needed to populate on my home screen. So here’s my little problem...I find myself checking email constantly when I'm on one of my iOS devices. It's become almost an obsession for me. I mean really, how many times per day does one need to check their email? So my solution is this… My email app is no longer visible on the home screen of my iPhone and iPad. It is been relegated into a folder on my home screen called productivity so the app is not clearly visible on my home screen anymore. I've always had this folder called productivity on my home screen so I didn't create just for email but now it's there and now it's not something that I can as easily get to as I could before. Now, you may be thinking: what if I want to just write a quick email? Well, there's an app for that. The app is called Launch Center Pro (and I highly recommend it). Launch Center Pro is essentially a quick launching app for your iPhone. So now with the touch of a single button I can open up mail and it brings me to a new mail dialog box. The key thing here is that this app is more than just mail it's all of my daily “go to” apps that I use almost constantly. So I still have all the quick functionality of being able to write an email quickly, but I don't have that constant reminder that I have emails waiting for me in my inbox in the form of a little red badge icon on my email app icon.

So that's how I'm attempting to cure my email problem/obsession. I'll report back soon on how well this does or doesn't work and also give a better more thorough review on the iPhone five. Until next time…

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