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A Good Choice of iPad Cell Carrier

Late last year I wrote a post about why I made the choice of switching from a full-sized iPad to an iPad mini and explained why I chose the 64 Gb capacity and Verizon as the cellular carrier. I just wanted to follow up on that post with a quote from one of my favorite movies, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: 

"You have chosen wisely"

I am still grand-fathered into the AT&T unlimited data plan on my iPhone, so it didn't make sense for me to go with a shared data plan when I bought my LTE iPad. So the choices were a pay-as-you-go plan from either Sprint, Verizon or AT&T. My earlier post detailed out the cost differences between these options, but the real decision for me was based on coverage. I looked at all the places I traveled to for work and compared the coverage between Verizon and AT&T. Well, my trip out to Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) last week was all the proof I needed that I made the right decision. I had LTE coverage almost everywhere I went, even when driving between Lompoc and Solvang where I totally lost all AT&T coverage. The Verizon LTE coverage even held up when I was out on the remote edges of VAFB, just like the Verizon LTE coverage maps indicated.

Not having AT&T LTE coverage near my home also played into my decision to go with Verizon, but as it turns out, just a few days after purchasing my iPad AT&T flipped a switch and the area around my house now as AT&T LTE. I have to say that I do use LTE on my iPad when I am out and about close to home just about as much as I do when I travel. Being able to do work while waiting on my daughter at soccer practice or at my son's basketball practice is a HUGE time saver for me. But in the end choosing the carrier that had the best coverage for me when I was out of town and traveling for work was the right decision to make.

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