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Rocket scientist...tech geek...husband...Dad. The name of my site refers to a line from my favorite movie. See my 1st blog post for more on the genesis of the name, but essentially it means don't EVER hold back.

Vincent Award #9: James

This week's Vincent Award goes to James. In 6 degree F weather with a -10 degree F windchill James walked 30 miles one-way for a scheduled appearance in traffic court in Lilburn, Ga. James doesn't own a car and didn't have money for a cab, so he did what he had to do. Most people will come up with all kinds of crazy excuses to get out of a court appearance...but not James. James paid his $50 fine and when he was getting ready to leave and make the 30 mile walk home a group of police officers at the court house paid for James to take a taxi home. Next time you are feeling lazy and unmotivated think that brutally cold 30-mile walk that James took to traffic court.

Original Huffington Post article can be found here

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