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Vincent Award #44: Laura Dekker

This week's Vincent Award goes to Laura Dekker. In 2012 Laura set out in her sailboat she named Guppy to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo. She was 14 years old. 518 days and 27,000 miles later she completed her journey. She took a camera with her on her journey and footage from that camera has been used to create a feature-length documentary called Maidentrip.

Congratulations to Laura Dekker for daring to not only dream big but to follow that dream. The documentary Maidentrip, is now available for rent via DVD by NetFlix.

To read more about Laura check out her website at http://www.lauradekker.nl

The original story can found at The Atlantic.

Vincent Award #45: Mystery Fresno Man

Not Enough Space to Install iOS 8?

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