Apple Products and Privacy

Recently, Apple created a new section to their website dedicated to privacy. The main page of this site is a message from Tim Cook explaining how Apple takes privacy very seriously. Tim Cook also explains that the purpose of this new privacy website is to (in a very simple and straightforward way) explain Apple's privacy policy and any changes that are made to it. Apple will update this website at least once a year or every time there is a change to how Apple deals with protecting you and your data. The 4 sections of the website are:

  • Privacy Built-in: This page shows how individual Apple products, services and applications are designed with your privacy in mind.
  • Manage Your Privacy: Goes through all the tools that Apple puts in your hands that you can use to help manage and protect your own privacy.
  • Government Information Requests: Explains Apple's policy with respect to requests from the Government for access to Apple data/servers. Bottom line, Apple has never allowed government access to its servers and they never will.
  • Our Privacy Policy: This page explains the recent changes to Apple's privacy policy right up front. Then the rest of the page contains Apple's actual privacy policy written in normal English (not "legaleze").

With all the negative things in the news lately about credit card data being stolen from various businesses and some companies making major moves to use data you have provided them to make money via advertising this move by Apple is important to take note of. Even if you don't want to take Apple's word for it all you have to do is follow the money. Apple makes it's money off of the hardware it sells, so Apple doesn't have to profit off of your personal information. It's simply not in their business plan.

So take a few minutes to check out Apple's new privacy site and rest assured that when you buy a product or service from Apple, know that Apple isn't looking for ways to ferret away and profit from your personal information. Apple already made its money the second you bought the product or service.

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