My Bleeding Ears

I assure you I don't have a medical problem. Instead I am referring to the flaw I have been fighting in iOS ever since iOS 6.

I listen to a lot of podcasts during my drive to and from work. My car is just old enought that it doesn't have a very sophisticated way to hook up my iPhone into the sound system. I have to use the headphone jack from the iPhone and go into the auxillary port into my sound system. It works great, except for the occasional hickup in iOS. Every once in a while when I am at work and want to listen to some music I will plug in my headphones into the iPhone, reduce the headphone volume down to a reasonable level and push play. Most of the time iOS behaves as it should, which is to say that it plays the music at the headphone volume level that I just reduced it to. But every once in a while even though I just adjusted the volume level down it will with no warning revert back to maximum and literally blow out my eardrums...bleeding ears.

The reason it will sometimes do this is because when I listen to podcasts in the car I turn the volume up to maximum so that the audio coming from the headphone port of the iPhonne into the car audio system is strong and I don't have to turn up the speaker volume in the car to near maximum to hear my podcasts. Why does iOS do this? I suspect it is some kind of bug in the system. iOS retains the last used volume setting for a given audio configuration (i.e. volume through its external speakers or through the headphones). But sometimes even though you adjust the volume it will revert back to a previous level.

So how did I fix this? In the settings app under Music is a setting called "Volume Limit." This setting lets you configure the maximum volume that can be used on the device. So I went in and set this to aorund 70%, which is about as loud as I would ever want to play music while listeneing to headphones but also loud enough to hear podcasts while in the car. No more bleeding ears. If you are having similar issues with iOS or you just want to make sure you aren't listening to music too loud, go in configure this on your device as well.

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