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Vincent Award #43: Alyssa Carson

13 year-old Alyssa Carson wants to be the 1st person on Mars (Picture Source: Twitter)

13 year-old Alyssa Carson wants to be the 1st person on Mars (Picture Source: Twitter)

This week's Vincent Award goes to Alyssa Carson. Alyssa may only be 13 years old, but she has been preparing to be the 1st person on Mars for 9 years now...yes, since the age of 4! With the help of her Dad she has the next 20 years planned out, strategically gaining experience that will increase her odds of success. Her list of accomplishments at this early age is extremely impressive:

  • Attended Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama 12 times
  • Attended the Sally Ride Camp at MIT
  • Seen 3 Shuttle launches
  • Attended International Space Camp twice (Space Camp Turkey in 2012 and Space Camp Canada in 2013
  • The 1st person to complete the NASA Passport Program (going to all 14 NASA Visitor Centers in the US)
  • Gave a TEDx talk in Kalamata, Greece
  • Met with the Mars One team in the Netherlands
  • The list goes on and on...

What better person to get the Vincent Award than someone who is willing to do everything she can to achieve her space travel goal. Congrats Alyssa, good luck and God speed!

The original story can found at BBC News.

Alyssa has her own blog at http://nasablueberry.com

Alyssa is also on Twitter: @NASABlueberry1

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