Review: Wally Sleeve

A while back I wrote a post about how much I enjoyed my Wally "iPhone stick-on" wallet. Well, I had to change things up a bit. When I upgraded to the iPhone 6 I decided that the additional screen size made the phone just enough bigger that I didn't want to have any more of a case than absolutely necessary. That meant I needed to find an alternative to the Wally Stick-On for my new iPhone. I knew that distilunion made a standalone slim wallet so that was the obvious alternative. So I purchased the Wally Sleeve.

I was a little bit worried about going from the convenience of having an all-in-one wallet solution integrated into my iPhone (the one device I ALWAYS have on me) to a solution that involved a separate item that I had to remember to carry. It's actually working our great. Most of the time I am carrying around my Muzetto Leather Messenger Bag so I just carry my Wally Sleeve in the bag. For the times that I leave the house without my messenger bag I am typically driving my car. So I store my car key and the Wally Sleeve in the same front pocket of my bag so it is nearly impossible for me to grab my car key without also grabbing my wallet.

The quality of the Wally Sleeve is just like that of the Wally Stick-On, which is excellent. The leather is very durable yet soft to the touch. It just feels good to pick it up and hold it in your hand. I know, that sounds really strange. But think about it. If you have to carry something around with you shouldn't be a pleasure to use?

The Wally Sleeve has a bit more capacity that the Wally Stick-On, it holds 5 or 6 credit cards or IDs plus a few bills...which is more than enough for my needs. The Wally Sleeve is also pretty darn small, coming in at about the size of a credit card with a thickness being equal to that of my iPhone 6 with the Apple Leather Case other words really thin!

If you are looking for a well built minimalist wallet I can highly recommend the Wally Sleeve. It's small enough that it doesn't even look like you are carry a wallet in our front pocket, but substantial enough that you won't forget you are carrying it and wash it with your pants (at least so far so good).

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