Review: Interstellar

NO SPOILERS...I promise.

I just saw Interstellar last night, for the 2nd time. Yes, it's that good. When I first learned about this movie I couldn't wait for it to come out. I set my expectations for it so high and I knew that was going to lead to disappointment. I was wrong...The 1st time I went it was just my wife and I. Last night I took my two older kids (12 & 16). My youngest is 9 and while there isn't anything really objectionable in it for a 9 year-old, the movie is just long enough and emotionally driven enough that it might not have been that enjoyable for her. Needless to say, my two older kids loved it as well.

I can't really give much of a review about this movie without giving away major plot points. What I can say is that this is now my new favorite movie. This website is named after what used to be my favorite movie, Gattaca. Why is this my new favorite movie?

  • Absolutely NAILS what it means to explore
  • Doesn't sacrifice the human connection for the safe of sci-fi
  • Takes just enough liberties with known scientific principle to make you question what we REALLY know about our universe (which is not that much)
  • Makes you feel

The last point is what I think makes this movie so special. Maybe it's the father in me or maybe it's just the space geek but this movie really struck a chord with me. I can't remember the last time I was this emotionally connected to a plot in a movie. Christopher Nolan takes you on an emotional, visual (and thanks to Hans Zimmer) and an audio roller-coaster. On that last point, the movie soundtrack is not to be missed. I've been spending WAY too much time wrapping up my final project for the Systems Engineering class I am taking this semester and the Interstellar soundtrack has been playing on an endless loop while I work.

If you are into sci-fi then this is a must-see. Even if you aren't a sci-fi geek, there is enough of a "human story" to hook even those people who could care less about sci-fi.

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