App Review Tue: PhotoCard

I don't normally post about an app without having thoroughly used it first, but I'm making an exception this week. I just heard about this app on The Mac Jury podcast and with the holidays fast approaching it is the perfect time for an app like this. Remember when Apple discontinued their "Cards" iOS app. Ive used some 3rd party apps since then but they have come and gone and nothing was as simple and looked as good as the Apple Cards app...until now.

PhotoCard is an iOS app by Bill Atkinson Photography. Does that name sound familiar? It should. Bill designed the original Mac applications Quickdraw, MacPaint and HyperCard. PhotoCard has been out for a while, so I guess I'm just slow to the party. PhotoCard works a lot like Apple's Cards did. You can use your own photo, customize it as either a digital or physical postcard and them email or physically have it printed and mailed. However, with PhotoCard there are a few extras that Apple's Cards didn't have:

  • Select from one of 220 of Bill's nature photos (or your own)
  • Printed cards are NOT free (starting at $1.50 in the U.S.)
  • Cards are printed on 8.25" x 5.5" stock
  • Customize with stickers, stamps & your own signature
  • Unlimited number of emailed cards and they are free to send
  • Record a voice message & send with the emailed cards

The customization is what makes this app and the final product it produces so cool. You get to use your own photos to make a custom stamp for the postcard!

In order to have a card printed and physically mailed you sign up for an account online and buy the postage up front (outside of the iOS app).

There are two version of this app, PhotoCard and PhotoCard Lite. They are both free apps. The only difference is that the Lite version has less photos, stamps and stickers so it stays under the "download over cellular" data limit (really handy if you don't download the app until you need it and you aren't in range of wifi).

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