MacWorld Day 2 & 3

Day 2 consisted of a trip down to Cupertino for a visit to the Apple campus. Visited the company store and had lunch at Caffè Macs. On the way out of Cupertino we stopped at the Tesla floor room for a quick look (and a bit of drooling). The day was completed by going to Cirue Du Mac, a very interesting party put on by The Mac Observer. The highlight of the night was the awesome live performances by the MacWorld All-Star Band...they totally killed it!

My MacWorld 2014 Day 3 activities:

-Attended the 2-hr App Camp for Girls session which started at 10am.

-Walked the expo floor and talked with:

-A.M.P. (Anantec Mobile Products) and bought one of their bluetooth  
-Henge Docks (Mac and iOS docks and accessories 
-Ring controller booth ( log bar) lets you control iOS or Mac with 

-Attended the Future Tech: Amazing Student Tech Projects session

-Visited the Moshi booth and bought some headphones

-Talked with the RefurbMe guys. Free service/app that notifies you when a refurbished product becomes available on the Apple website

-Talked with KiwiPixel iOS app guys about their iPad drawing app...very impressive!

Left a little early tonight, had dinner at the Chieftain Irish and chips and a cold Kilkenny! Early flight tomorrow morning so early to bed.

Now that MacWorld is officially over and I'm headed back home I'll start posting in much more detail about all the incredible people, gadgets and sessions. If you see something in this post you want me to write more about write me a comment below. I can't possibly write about everything (I do have a day job) but will write about the topics that grabbed my attention the most.

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