Vincent Award #21: Luke Birch & Jamie Sparks

This week's Vincent Award goes to Luke Birch and Jamie Sparks who have become the youngest pair to ever row across the Atlantic. The two would trade off on 2-hour shifts of rowing by themselves while the other slept or rested. It took them 54 days of 2hrs on and 2 hrs off of non-stop rowing between the two of them. They have also become the biggest fundraisers ever for the charity Breast Cancer Care. Luke Birch's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, so this epic row was for her and all others like her fighting the terrible disease that is cancer. Luke and Jamie have been friends since the age of 5, so this truly incredible feat was a true test of the strength of that friendship.

Congratulations Like and Jamie for never giving up! Amazing accomplishment...

See the original Mail Online story here and watch the 1 min 42 sec video about their amazing journey!

Luke Birch and his mother Claire with Jamie Sparks

Luke Birch and his mother Claire with Jamie Sparks

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