Review: Moshi Mythro Headphones

Not only did my wife let me indulge on a geek's version of a trip to Mecca (attending MacWorld/iWorld 2014), but she also helped me create my own business cards to hand-out while there. She had only one request...find her a pair of headphones. Find her a pair of headphones I did (in fact I didn't want to give them up when I got back home).

Just a handful of months ago I replaced my disintegrating 8 year-old Bose over the ear headphones with a very high end pair of Scosche in-ear headphones. I will be writing a review on these Scosche headphones soon, but suffice it to say they suit my needs extremely well! So when my wife sent me on a quest to MacWorld (yeah, that's why I had to go to MacWorld...for my wife) to get her a pair of headphones I hasn't sure what headphones would work best for her. Here was her criteria:

  1. Under $100
  2. Comfortable for long periods of time
  3. In-ear
  4. Good sound quality (doesn't need to be amazing)
  5. Doesn't need to be rugged (She has a hard case to carry them in)

Armed with this information I searched the MacWorld expo floor for the perfect headphones for my wife. There were a ton of choices for over the ear headphones, but not so many options for in-ear (partially because sticking something in your ear to try out requires some pretty serious cleaning...more hassle for people manning the booth). One of the booths (I'll be nice and not name names) gave me a pair of headphones to try and I think my ears are still bleeding from the extreme volume they used to demonstrate their headphones. If you need to crank up the volume to demonstrate your headphones then your headphones suck. No really, they suck (suck being a very technical term meaning the audio quality output by the headphones is quite unsatisfactory). Scosche said it very well in the directions they included with my headphones when they said that the headphones did not need to be played at high volume to enjoy, great care went into the design to ensure every subtle detail of the audio could be heard even at extremely low volumes. Unfortunately Scosche didn't bring very many in-ear headphones to MacWorld so I they weren't an option. That's when I stopped by the Moshi booth.

Moshi is most known for their portable power/battery products, in fact Spencer (from Moshi) gave a great rapid fire talk at MacWorld about the state of battery technology. So while I was browsing through the Moshi power products I noticed they had headphones so I tried them out. Pay attention, because this is where a lot of companies fail but is where Moshi really shined:

  1. Moshi engaged with the Mac community by taking the time to give a tech talk. It was only 5 minutes (rapid fire format), but it wasn't as advertisement. That 5 minute talk was packed full of really useful information about current battery technology and how to best use the batteries that are in the devices you own.
  2. Moshi did not try to up sell me, in fact they did quite the opposite

After I noticed that Moshi had some in ear headphones I started asking questions about them. The person I talked to at the booth didn't try to give me a sales pitch, they just answered my questions. When I explained that I was looking for headphones for my wife and what her criteria was they immediately pointed me towards their lowest price model headphone (the Moshi Mythro). I tried them out and not only were they comfortable but the bass response was amazing and they were only $30. I asked about the difference between these and the rest of their line of in ear headphones and the audio quality and features went up as the cost increased. The person I was talking to still kept coming back to the entry level headphones being their personal favorite. Since they met my wife's criteria I bought them.

I had a rather long plane ride home from MacWorld and the one of the headphone tips on my Scosche headphones had broken, so I opened the headphones I had just purchased for me wife and used them for the flight home. Hey, I was doing her a favor...headphones need to be broken in! I was blown away by these headphones. I'm pretty sure I have a freakishly deformed inner right ear because I can't seem to find ANY in ear headphones that fit my right ear. These did. There is nothing special about the in ear tip, it is just a simple spherical shaped silicone tip but they fit like a glove and were super comfortable. I have been on a hunt for silicone inserts I can buy like these except for my Scosche headphones and so far I haven't found any. That is how impressed I am with the comfort of these headphones. The sound quality to pretty darn good too considering they are only $30. I think the main reason they sound so good to me is that they form a really good seal with my ears so I get a really powerful bass response. I like a lot of bass with my headphones and these don't disappoint (but they don't overwhelm you with bass and muddle the rest of the sounds). I don't think for a second that these headphones have audio quality any where near those of my Scosche headphones, but they are a not too distant second.

I arrived home and jokingly told my wife that I might have to order HER a pair of these Moshi headphones...she didn't think that was very funny. She loves her headphones and they serve their purpose very well, allowing her to take video training classes at work for long period of time in comfort without being interrupted by the noises around her. Mission accomplished.

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