Vincent Award #24: Pod of Dolphins

Adam Walker was in the middle of a 16-mile Oceans Seven charity swim near New Zealand when he spotted a Great White shark swimming beneath him. About that time he was surrounded by a pod of dolphins who swam with his for over an hour until the shark left and he was able to safely complete his swim. Ironically, Adam's charity swim was to benefit whale and dolphin conservation and in the end it was the dolphins that helped "preserve" Adam. This is the first non-human Vincent Award I have given out but this is not the first time dolphins have come to the rescue of a human in need. Dolphins are amazing creatures and Adam owes these particular dolphins a special thank you for keeping him safe so he could finish the charity swim that will help keep them and other dolphins like them safe in the future.

The original story can be found at Yahoo News here complete with video of Adam swimming in the middle of his dolphin protectors!

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