Vincent Award #27: Chris Seitz

This week's Vincent Award goes to professional soccer player Chris Seitz, except Chris isn't getting this award because of his soccer skills. In 2012 Chris joined the bone marrow registry to support a teammate and then a few years later he was notified that he was a match for a Pennsylvania man dying of leukemia. Chris now faced a decision. Brave an incredibly excruciating surgery involving the drilling of over 30 holes in his back then having needles painfully extract the bone marrow from those holes, all to save a stranger's life. This might have been enough for most people to back out, but Chris had another reason to think twice. Having this operation could mean the end of Chris' professional soccer career. Chris didn't hesitate, he had the procedure and saved the stranger's life. Chris had EVERYTHING to lose in addition to the pain, but he still took his chances to save the life of someone he had never met. Chris fully recovered from the donation surgery and is now starting goalkeeper for FC Dallas.

I think Chris said it all with his quote below:

"I would look back at it and shoot myself in the foot if I didn't do it, I'd always have questions about
myself, about who I am. It just would have bothered me. If someone had the chance to do it to help me or [my wife] Kate, I'd beg them to do it. And it had just happened in my family. I saw it as my chance to give something back."

The original story from Huffington Post can be found here.

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