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Vincent Award #28: Matt Guthmiller

This week's Vincent Award goes to Matt Guthmiller. Matt is a 19 year-old freshman at MIT majoring in electrical engineering and computer science. Matt is taking the summer off to see the world, from the pilot's seat of a Beechcraft A36 Bonanza as he flies it around the world. If he completes his flight before July 24th he will be the youngest pilot to fly an aircraft solo around the world. The journey is expected to take him a total of 160 hours of flight time stretched over 18 separate legs totaling 26,600 miles. Matt is attempting to raise money for code.org, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to give every student in school the opportunity to learn computer science. If aiming to pilot a small single-engine aircraft solo around the world at the age of 19 isn't a "1-Way Swim" I don't know what is. Good luck Matt!

Matt was originally planning to start his journey on May 27th from El Cajon, California (near San Diego) but he was slightly delayed and now plans to depart on May 31st.

The original story was published by the Boston Globe and can be found here.

You can track Matt's progress on Limitless-horizons.org or the limitless-horizons twitter account @LimitlessHz.

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Vincent Award #27: Chris Seitz

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