Incredible Best Buy Apple Computer Sale

When I walked out of Best Buy yesterday with a brand new 11" MacBook Air for $649 I was a little concerned I might get stopped at the door for theft. A few weeks ago Apple bumped up the specs on the MacBook Air (slightly faster processor and slightly longer battery life), but even more importantly they decreased the price $100. So the entry level 11" MacBook Air is now $899 instead of $999 and the 13" model is now $999 instead of $1099. Now add on to that the sale that Best Buy is running right now...another $100 off select Apple laptops. But wait, there's more! Best Buy is also currently running it's back to school educational deals, which gives students/teachers and additional $150 off an Apple MacBooks or iMacs.

The Best Buy sale ($100 off an MacBook or $130-$140 off an iMac) is only a 3-day sale and it ends Saturday June 21st. The Best Buy back to school sale runs through July 12th.

Here is how to take advantage of the Best Buy back to school sale. First off you must have an active .edu email account. If you do, then do the following:

  1. Go to the Best Buy College Student Deals website
  2. Enter your .edu email address in the field
  3. Check your email account for a confirmation email and select the "Confirm Now" button in the email
  4. Wait for a 2nd email from Best Buy in your .edu email account for a link that takes you to a page with the College Student Deals coupons
  5. Either print out the coupons and use in store or use the codes provided to make a purchase online

So I was able to get an 11" MacBook Air for $350 off of what they were selling for from Apple brand new just a few weeks ago...amazing. I recently traded my iMac for a Mac Mini hooked up to a Monoprice 27" IPS Zero-G Slim Monitor (see my post about my setup). My plan was to eventually use my Mac Mini as a server and buy a MacBook Air to use as the main home computer. With this kind of sale I couldn't resist finally making that purchase.

I hope a few of my readers are able to take advantage of this deal!

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