Vincent Award #30: Jason King

This week's Vincent Award goes to Jason King. Jason recently completed a 3200 mile run across America (averaging about 32 miles a day, more than the distance of a full marathon each day). Jason is running this insane distance to raise awareness for the homeless. His run is called "Bitcoin Across America" because instead of taking U.S. Dollars as donations he is taking Bitcoins. Bitcoins are a digital open source non-regulated global currency. Jason's run started on January 26th and he encountered all kinds of interesting things along the way:

  • He crossed rivers
  • Accidentally ran across a highway
  • Got in a car accident
  • Escorted off of private property
  • Got a cortisone shot for his right knee

Despite eating 10,000 calories a day he still lost 72 pounds during his 4-month run. Jason is from Pensacola, FL where he started his own foundation to help the homeless...Sean's Outpost. By the end of his run Jason had raised about 200 Bitcoins, which at the time of this post is worth about $127,000.

The original Wired article is a great read and goes into a lot of detail about Jason's run, his background and his charity work. The original Wired story can be found here.

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