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Vincent Award #33: Tom Willis

This week's Vincent Award goes to Tom Willis. Tom threw out the first pitch this past Thursday night at the Kansas City Royal's game...with his feet. Tom was born with congenital bilateral upper amputation (he was born without any arms). Tom has been throwing out the 1st pitches as part of his "Pitch for Awareness" campaign.

From Tom's "Pitch for Awareness" website:

Tom Willis was born without arms… so he learned to use his feet to do everything in life from writing, to driving a car, and even pitching.

The Pitch for Awareness tour takes Tom to major league ballparks across the country where he’ll pitch a ball… and pitch his message of the awareness of the ABILITIES of persons with disabilities.

Tom has taken what most people view as a disability and has plowed full steam ahead. I love it! Congrats Tom and thanks for everything you do!!!

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