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Rocket scientist...tech geek...husband...Dad. The name of my site refers to a line from my favorite movie. See my 1st blog post for more on the genesis of the name, but essentially it means don't EVER hold back.

Vincent Award #35: Trinity Arsenault

This week's Vincent Award goes to Trinity Arsenault. Trinity has become the youngest swimmer (at the age of 14) to swim across Lake Ontario. The swim was 52 km in length and took just under 24 hours. Shaun Chisholm, Trinity's coach, had this to say about her swim:

“It looks OK but water that’s in the 60s (Fahrenheit), most people scream when they get into (it). So to actually go past 20 hours, it takes unbelievable strength mentally and physically. And for a 14-year-old to be able to do that - that takes a special person.”

The original story can be found at The Star.

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