Apple TV 3rd Gen Wifi Issues

Quite a while back I purchased 6 Apple TVs for use around Kennedy Space Center. I set them up in conference room mode in lobbies and in the Starbucks cafe as a way for people to collaborate outside of the conference room. The only problem with this was that the Apple TVs were dropping their wifi connections within 24 hours and since they were setup in conference room mode without remote controls there was no way for users to reconnect to wifi. So the Apple TVs weren't getting used.

So I did a little bit of digging online and found a 9 to 5 Mac article that talks about an internal Apple memo authorizing the replacement of 3rd generation Apple TVs that have wifi connection issues. So I called up Apple and at first they said my Apple TVs were outside of their 1-year warranty. I then explained the dropped internet wifi issue and that I was pretty sure it was a known issue and that Apple had an out of warranty replacement program. The person on the phone was extremely helpful and said to bring in the Apple TVs to an Apple Store Genius Bar so they could verify they had wifi issues and they would be replaced. So I took them into Apple all 6 Apple TVs were replaced.

If you have a 3rd generation Apple TV that is having issues connecting to wifi networks or is unable to stay connected it is possible you have a unit that is covered by Apple beyond the original 1-year warranty. Check your Apple TV's serial number against the 9 to 5 Mac article. Although, keep in mind that the article is incorrect. The memo shown in the article says that the "third and fourth alphanumeric characters of the serial number" but it's not the 3rd and 4th characters it is actually the 4th and 5th.

There isn't a ton of data out there on this issue so I wanted to write short post about it confirming that Apple is really replacing 3rd generation Apple TVs units that are having these problems.

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