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Rocket scientist...tech geek...husband...Dad. The name of my site refers to a line from my favorite movie. See my 1st blog post for more on the genesis of the name, but essentially it means don't EVER hold back.

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

On August 22 2014 Apple rolled out a free battery replacement program for a small number of iPhone 5 devices that are having shorter than expected battery life. If you have an iPhone 5 that has a much shorter battery life than it used to or you find yourself charging your iPhone 5 much more often than when you first got the phone then you may be eligible. Here is how to check to see if your phone is eligible:

  1. Go to the Apple iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program support page here
  2. Enter your iPhone 5 serial number in the entry field on the Apple support page
  3. Take your iPhone 5 into an Apple Store (by making an appointment at an Apple Genius Bar) or taking your phone into an Apple Authorized Service Provider

Gray Screen of Death

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