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Vincent Award #39: Nikolas Toocheck

This week's Vincent Award goes to Nikolas Toocheck, who has become the youngest person to complete marathons on every continent. Nikolas is 11. Nikolas started a philanthropic campaign about 2 years ago called Running the World for Children with the goal of $1 million for Operation Warm, which partners with local schools and agencies to channel new coats to children that need them. This past Saturday Nikolas completed his marathon race in the country of Georgia but has run races in the U.S, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Chile, Antarctica and Australia. His mother says the following in an email to the Huffington Post about Nikolas' accomplishments:

"His determination, commitment and resiliency are amazing. This whole experience isn't really about the running to me. It's about a child developing amazing character with compassion and learning about the world -- his role in it, that it is so much more than himself, and the impact one person can make to change the world."

The original story can be found at The Huffington Post.

Returning the iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

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