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Vincent Award #41: Tom McGrath

This week's Vincent Award goes to Tom McGrath. Tom, a 64 year-old man from Northern Ireland has run more than 200,000 miles in races all around the world. On Sept 29th Tom is starting 6 consecutive marathons across New York's five boroughs. He is running to support the charity called Achilles Kids, which provides support (including shoes) for children and adults with disabilities. Tom, also known as "The Running Man", hopes to raise enough for the charity to purchase shoes for all 7,000 people in the program.

What drives Tom to do this...

"As long as God gives me the strength and willpower to run, I will do it. I’ve got a gift at running and I want to share it with those that can’t run"

God speed Tom...

The original story can be found at The Huffington Post.

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