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Vincent Award #53: Wes Varda

This week's Vincent Award goes to Wes Varda. After suffering a stroke 6 years ago and not being able to hold his head up he is embarking on a 100 mile running race this summer in Lake Tahoe.

Varda, still very weak and wearing a gait belt to keep him from falling, was walking the edge of the park with a friend. Varda says, "She was holding my gait belt, and I was walking very, very slowly. And I just turned to her and said, "I want to try to run again, I want to see what I can do." So I ran about ten feet, very slowly and very gingerly, but that is how it began."

Running 100 miles is a feat in and of itself. After recovering from a stroke, wow just wow! Good luck this summer Wes!

You can read the original story over at My Fox Atlanta.

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