Convert to PDF in iOS

I don't come across this need very often, but when I do I really wish I had the ability to convert things to PDF on my iOS device. Well, there is actually a very easy way to do this. It's a free web service called All you do is send or forward an email to one of 5 email addresses and the service will send you back an email with a PDF attachment of the content you wanted converted. The five different convert to PDF options are:

  1. Convert the body of the email to PDF ((
  2. Convert the entire web page of the 1st link in the email (this is handy if you want a PDF of a web page to send to someone...just use the Safari email a link to this webpage option) (
  3. Convert an attachment in the email to PDF (works with Microsoft Office docs, Viso, Markdown, XPS and images) (
  4. Convert the body of the email to PDF without headers (
  5. Convert markdown formatting to PDF (

Within seconds you get an email back from the service that has your PDF attached It's that quick and easy. What I have done is created a contact card that has all 5 of these email addresses listed so I can quickly send or forward an email to this service from my iPhone or iPad. You can download the contact card I created here.

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