App Review Tue: OmniFocus Review

This isn't a review of the application OmniFocus, but it is a short post about how I use (or don't use in this case) the "review" feature of the app. 1st off, OmniFocus is a task management app. It's sole purpose is to keep track of all the little and big things that are going on in your life so you can focus on life and not sweat all the details. This is the essensce of the Getting Things Done (GTD) philisophy. The OmniFocus suite of apps is on all my devices (Mac, iPhone and iPad) and is how I am able to keep everything straight.

If you are familiar with OmniFocus then you know that one of the most important aspects of the Getting Things Done (GTD) philisophy is reviewing all of your projects on a regular basis. For the longest time I would use the built-in review function within the app to review my tasks, but this didn't work all that well for me. The automatic review function within the app would automatically re-schedule the review of a project based on the day you actually reviewed the project. So, for example, if I was supposed to be reviewing a project every week on Monday and I didn't get around to reviewing it until Wednesday the app would move my review of that project to a week from Wednesday. This would totally mess me up, because I spread out the review of my projects so that I would only have one or two per day. Now, because I missed my Monday review and OmniFocus moved it to Wednesday I have an extra project to review on Wednesdays. This is a problem because I try to do my review everyday 1st thing when I arrive at work and I only have a short amount of time to do this. So when my reviews start stacking up on a given day I don't have enough time to complete them. My solution to this was quite simple. Instead of using the review function built into the app I set up my own reminders within the app to review each project on my schedule. Now, if I miss reviewing a project for a few days I can still review it a few days late and I am reminded again on my normal day next week to review it again.

This may seem like a stupid simple little thing and maybe it is. But I wanted to point it out because it raises an important point. Just because an app has a really cool feature built into it doesn't mean that nifty little feature will work well for you. Sometimes going back to a simple manual solution is best.

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