Vincent Award #51: Michelle Vandy

Image from Core777

Image from Core777

This week's Vincent Award goes to Michelle Vandy. Michelle was an architecture student who, due to a repetitive strain injury, was no longer able to use her arms for her studies and her future career. So what did she do? She could have given up and found another dream to pursue, but she didn't. She rigged up an Apple Magic Trackpad and figured out she could still follow her dreams by using her nose instead of her arms:

"I was sitting in my room late one evening fiddling around with this external touchpad I had lying on my desk and without thinking, lifted it up to eye level and touched it with my nose. "Click". I tried swiping too - it worked! I opened up photoshop with shaking fingers, hadn't opened it in months! I had a few more goes holding the trackpad to my nose and swiping left and right, up and down and the movements felt strangely natural to me."

Check out the entire article for more details and pictures of her setup over at Core777.

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