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My iPod Nano Takes Swim

My iPod Nano in its silica prison

My iPod Nano in its silica prison

I've really been quite abusive of my Apple devices this week. 1st I abandon my Apple Watch at home and now I try an drown my iPod Nano. Before I get into the specifics I figured I better explain what the heck I'm doing with an iPod Nano in the first place. Afterall, I have an Apple Watch so why do I need a Nano? The answer is I shouldn't need a Nano, but between the music syncing only working half the time and the really spotty bluetooth connectivity of headphones to the Apple Watch...most of the time I just choose NOT to fight with getting the Apple Watch to work as a workout music player. See my post about Apple using us as Beta testers for more details.

So I used my trusty iPod Nano while working out in the gym earlier this week and then left it in my sweaty gym shorts after the workout. When I got home from work I promptly threw the sticking mess into the washing machine and pressed start. When I opened up the washing machine a few hours later, there at the bottom of the washing machine was a very clean iPod Nano.

This isn't our first rodeo when it comes to trying to resurect drowned electronics. So after having done this so many times and using rice as the desiccant, my wife planned for inevitable and started saving silica packets back as part of emergency medical kit for all our various devices. Just running my Nano through the wash would have been bad enough, but on top of that my Nano was already compromised. See my post on why I still use an iPod Nano for the details, but my Nano already had a very cracked screen before it made its journey through the washing machine...

Poor Nano

Poor Nano

So after 3 days of being sealed in a bag with silica I held my breath and plugged my Nano into power. This is always the tricky part. You can actually go out and totally soak your mobile device without damaging it, as long as it isn't powered up. The second you apply current to the electronics and there is any significant amount of water in the works, that is where the damage occurs. So it is always a tough question of how long is long enough to wait in order for it to totally dry out. Well, today was the day and my Nano powered up, but the screen flickered and then went into an endless cycle where it would reboot and then go to the home screen and the immediately reboot again...over and over again. Not looking good.  Several years ago my son did the same thing with his shuffle and we couldn't get it to come back from the dead. So it ended up in a junk drawer and many months later on a whim we fired it up and it worked. We ended up getting more life out of the device. So back in the bag my Nano goes and maybe next week I'll try firing it up and again, do a OS wipe and see if I bring it back. If not, I'll take into the Apple Store and see how much it would take to get it repaired. You never know, it might not be too bad. In the mean time I guess this gives me an excuse to do battle with my Apple Watch and bend it to my will to get it to work for me as a workout music player.

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