How to Find an iPad Pro to Purchase

My new primary computing device

My new primary computing device

I finally pulled the trigger and decided to buy an iPad Pro to replace my 11" MacBook Air and iPad Air, but finding an iPad Pro to purchase wasn't easy. In fact, I had to leave the state of Florida in order to find one! If you are in the same boat I was and are still trying to track down one of these elusive devices, here are a few tips...

  1. Check the Apple Online Store Daily: You would think a large city like Orlando that sports not one but two Apple Stores would eventually have a few iPad Pros in stock. Since I was after an LTE version, I was out of luck. So I asked one of the Apple Store employees and he told me to check the online Apple Store every morning at 8:01am local time, because at 8am every morning they update their stock. If there are any units available then when you try to purchase an iPad Pro online and select in-store pickup and then select a store, you will get one of two options...either "ships to store" or "available today." If you get the "available today" option then you can go ahead and complete your online purchase and within about an hour you can go into that physical Apple Store and pickup your new iPad (no appointment required).
  2. Don't just check at 8:01am local: I didn't have much luck just checking for iPad Pro stock at 8:01am local time. But I did finally find an iPad by checking a few hours later in the morning. What I think happened is that the Apple Store got a FedEx shipment mid to late morning and then updated their stock numbers, so I was able to purchase mine.

I ended up being able to find and purchase my iPad Pro in Denver while there on business. You might ask why I didn't just order one online and wait the 5-7 business days for it to ship to my house and save myself the effort. Two reasons. For one, I'm not home during the day and leaving a $1000 item on my front porch all day is a really bad idea. The other reason is Apple Care+. A cracked iPad Pro screen will run you $599 to fix, so Apple Care+ is a no-brainer. However, in Florida there are some strange consumer protection laws about selling extended warranties like Apple Care over the phone. You can call Apple and do it, but it takes a few extra steps and a higher tier manager to approve the purchase. So the easiest way to get Apple Care was to purchase it at the same time as the iPad, which meant buying the iPad directly from Apple. Since I couldn't find one easily in stock at Apple in Florida and shipping it wasn't a great option, spending a little time tracking one down while on travel seemed like a good way to get it done.

Hope this helps a few of you track one down. So far 24 hour in I am loving the iPad Pro!

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