Lost Wedding Ring

Back in October my wife was on a work trip on an American Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida to Dallas, Texas on aircraft N854NN near the back of the plane in row 27. She took her wedding ring off so she could put on some hand lotion. By the time she got off the plane and realized she wasn't wearing her wedding ring it was too late and she hasn't been able to track down her ring ever since. She has called the airline on a regular basis, filled out every lost and found report she could and even contacted all known airport lost and founds that this particular plane visited over the next several days. But she has still come up "empty handed."

If you have any friends or family that work in an airport or for American Airlines, please pass this picture along to them. Part of her wedding ring set are wedding bands from her grandmother that can't be replaced. I want to beleive that this ring is just sitting in a drawer or locker somewhere and we just need to reach the right person to get it back, but unfortunately convetional means hasn't yielded any results. Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated!

Thank you...

My wife's pretty hand and her lost wedding ring set

My wife's pretty hand and her lost wedding ring set

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