Vincent Award #56: Easton LaChappelle

This week's Vincent Award goes to Easton LaChappelle. At the age of 14 Easton met a 7 year-old girl at a science fair who had a prosthetic arm and was blown away with the $80,000 price tag on the arm that has such limited capabilities. At the young age of 14, already being into robotics, he vowed to eventually build a better prosthetic arm for under $1000. Now at the age of 19 he has done just that...

From Easton's Company website "Unlimited Tomorrow":

At 17, Easton founded his own company, Unlimited Tomorrow, which is developing a new concept of an exoskeleton to help paraplegics walk again. The company is also creating open source robotic arms that can be used from prosthetics to a robotics learning platform.

Not only did Easton go out and do what he said he would do, but he went even further. Easton announced last month that he was making his design open source. Soon it will be available for anyone to download and print out using a commercially available 3D printer. Amazing...

The original story can be found at the Huffington Post.

Easton's Company website can be found at

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