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Vincent Award #58: Martin Pollock

This week's Vincent Award goes to Martin Pollock. Martin is a triple amputee after being injured while serving as a rifleman in Afghanistan for the British Army. Martin didn't take well to his prosthetic legs until a few years after his injury he heard about Operation Surf, which is a non-profit that helps wounded veterans through adaptive surfing.

With his body weightless in the water, Pollock was able to feel the exact parts of his sockets that caused him pain. He went home, twisted a screw on his prosthetic a couple of times and, he says, he's been walking more ever since. "Surfing hasn't just changed my life, it has become my life," he told HuffPost.

Now Martin is a surfer. The video below is of Martin surfing in Hawaii along side Laird Hamilton.

The original story can be found at the Huffington Post.

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