Vincent Award #55: James Robertson

This week's Vincent Award goes to James Robertson. After his car died over a decade ago James had to find an alternative way to make his 46-mile round trip commute to work. He takes the limited amount of public transportation that he can, but that still leaves 21 miles a day that he must walk. And walk he does...

Robertson leaves around 8 a.m. to arrive at work ahead of his 2 p.m. shift, which ends at 10 p.m. He catches the last bus toward Detroit at 1 a.m. and doesn't get home until 4 a.m., the outlet reports. He says a prayer that he arrives home safe each night, walking through the dangerous area along 8 Mile. Despite all this, he still manages to have a pristine attendance record and doesn't complain.

James doesn't have much choice. He lives with his girlfriend, who inherited the house in which they live in Detroit and James works in Rochester Hills Michigan. Making only $10.55 an hour he can't afford to get another car but also can't afford to lost his job.

I am never complaining about my 45 minute commute by car again...

The original story can be found here at the Huffington Post. A follow up story explains how the internet has reached out to James.

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