Apple iPhone Leather Case: 1st Blood

Well, I drew 1st blood on my iPhone 6 Apple Leather Case. It was bound to happen eventually and the inevitable happened yesterday. I was standing up doing some work with my laptop on top of my dresser in the bedroom and had been talking on the phone. The headphone cord caught on the metal pull on the dresser drawer so when I stepped back from the dresser just slightly I violently yanked the iPhone off of the dresser. My relatively new (work provided) iPhone 6 took a nasty plunge off my dresser. That wasn't the problem. The real problem was that on the way down the iPhone hit one of the metal pulls from the drawer. Luckily the impact was on the side of the iPhone just under the power button (and not on the screen) and the case absorbed the impact brilliantly. So how well does the Apple Leather iPhone case really protect the iPhone? You can see the impact and the damage in the images below:

When work gave me this iPhone 6 it came with a case. The case was quite protective and had a hard outer shell, but I wasn't so convinced that the case would be as protective as it seemed. You see, there are two ways a case can protect your iPhone:

  1. Protect it from general wear and tear
  2. Protect it from the impact from a fall

It was the protection from impact that was my concern. Often with these highly protective cases they actually make matters worse during an impact. When an object falls and impacts a hard surface the kinetic energy from that fall has to go somewhere. Just because a case seems like it is really protective doesn't mean it does a good job of absorbing that impact energy and safely distributing it around the phone. If the case takes that impact energy and funnels it directly into specific points on the phone it can actually focus the energy and cause more damage than if the phone didn't have a case at all. That is why I went with the iPhone 6 Apple Leather Case. Based on how well it took this fall from my dresser and the impact with the metal drawer pull I think this was a wise decision. The soft leather case absorbed the impact and there was absolutely no damage to the phone itself. The other plus to having a leather case like this is that even now that the case has a ding in it, the damaged area is not sharp or uncomfortable to the touch. The great thing about leather is that more wear it has the better it looks and this kind of damage is no exception. So now instead of having a scuffed looking case I have an nice "weathered" looking leather iPhone case with some character.

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