Lunar Eclipse Saturday April 4th

There is a total lunar eclipse visible here in North America this Saturday morning (as well as South America, Asia and parts of Australia. If you have never taken the opportunity to see a lunar eclipse set an alarm Saturday morning and step outside for a few minutes and enjoy the view. No special equipment needed. If you have a pair of binoculars or a telescope that is even better, but again not required.

There are two online resources I really like for determining just how much of the eclipse you can see from your location and when:

Sky and Telescope:

Shows some good figures and a table of the major events for North America

Time and Date:

Detects your location from the browser and shows you the start and end times for the eclipse in your location along with an animation of what you will see.

Below is an image I took during a lunar eclipse in 2007. This was taken by performing a direct imaging technique using my DSLR attached to the focuser on my 10" dobsonian telescope. Not perfectly in focus but I captured the amazing colors of the eclipse.

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