Review: Carrot iOS Weather App

I finally pulled the trigger on the iOS weather app called Carrot and it was money well spent. Honestly, how many weather apps do you have on your phone that can make you laugh...

CARROT Weather is an eerily accurate weather app that delivers hilariously twisted forecasts. There are secret locations to unlock. And also evil penguins.

Carrot is a good example of how everyone should be developing their iOS applications. Simple, focused on the main function and just enough unique to really make it stand out. When you first open Carrot it uses your location and displays the immediate forecast, but it serves it up for you with a bit of snark. Carrot is, like it says in the App Store title, a talking forecast robot. The circle on the forecast screen is Carrot's ocular sensor. If you "poke" Carrot in the eye she gets a bit upset with you. Poke her in the eye enough and she gives you a secret weather location (my first secret weather location was the "Robopocalypse" and then shortly after I also unlocked "Lars Homestead" on the planet Tatooine from Star Wars). Each time you open the app you get a simple yet slightly geeky forecast screen and Carrot given you a short audio rundown of the weather. Carrot is powered by the same weather source as Dark Sky, my other go to weather app that alerts you when rain or snow is imminent (not sure I could live without this feature living in Florida, not the snow part of course).

If you are looking for a good laugh and super handy and slick looking weather forecast app look no further than Carrot. Not sure what took me so long buy this!

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