Having 2nd Thoughts About Apple Watch

Like any good geek I spent some time last night reading through the deluge of Apple Watch reviews. Some were negative but most reviews were very positive. But one aspect of the reviews really got me thiking about my Apple Watch choice I wrote about in a post a while back. The reviewers so far have be very pleasantly surprised at just how much they like the fluoroelastomer band. They found it extremely comfortable and surprisingly elegant. If you think about it, the fluoroelastomer band would need to be pretty high quality if Apple is offering it as a band choice for a $10,000 watch.

I know I said that I was going to go for the Space Black link bracelet watch, but now I'm thinking twice about that. I may end up getting the stainless steel watch with a fluoroelastomer band and then going into the Apple Store and figuring out which band I want to wear with the watch when I am NOT working out. Since I don't wear a watch every day now, I'm not so sure that metal watch band is going to be the right band for me. The classic buckle or the leather loop may be much more comfortable. I just won't know until I try them on. I really like the look of the Space Black and you can only get it with the link bracelet, but I'm thinking comfort may win out over looks. I won't know for sure which way I will go until I click that button at 3am local time tomorrow morning...

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